Let The Picture Speak For Itself!

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Let The Picture Speak For Itself!


Do your eyelash extensions make you happy ?

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I’m not an expert on fashion or style but I am an ordinary woman that has always had a black look at a lot of magazine photoshoots/articles and shows on those topics. All of this time spent loosing weight, eyelash and hair extending, skin softening, teeth whitening won’t make the other gender argue about who is “truly beautiful.”

Truth is that you probably feel the ugliest person on earth – which is way impossible because “كاملين زوينين بطريقة او باخرى”  – while most other people feel you look absolutely fine.

When walking down the street Do you take time analyzing how each person could look better ? if so then you are CRAZY or working in the fashion industry..!! For me, it takes a minimum of one minute of a verbal interaction before I do analyze someone’s appearance. When I first look at a person I tend to assess the initial feeling I get from them. Basically if the mental snapshot I get in our first interaction seems “healthy”to me then I’ll probabely interact with them again.. Even supposing that their appearance isn’t apealing to you! I don’t care!
And truth to be told people!! taking the time to judge someone’s physical appearance is so freaking pointless. Almost any mouse, dog,or other animal can look good if makeup is applied correctly. I am not saying animals are ugly. Don’t get wrong Cat’s and dog’s lovers :). But what I am trying to say is that some women don’t even look like the same person without make up. and for while I start to realise “بنت مجيرا وجهها” is not a misnomer. Girl !! If you are funny, interesting, intelligent, and a little crazy, that smell is going to seal the deal.
As for body shape, we all want to have that dreamy body, you know what I mean. I have been through this struggle of loosing weight..When I was 19 years old, I used to be obsessively anxious over my weight and I used to starve myself because I wanted to have the same shape body as celebrities! I failed.. And I came to one beautiful conclusion :

Whatever body type you are, just be a healthier version. Other than that, you can ignore whatever media pressures are out there.

One othezr point I want to talk about is that there is kind of a weird double standard in our society that expects women to be slim if they are attractive, white if they are black, blondie if they are ginger or whatever, and the list goes on. Ridiculous ridicilous!! Companies have to know that while this help them sell a lot of beauty products, it might be destroyful for our mental health. I see girls attempt to pay extra attention to their bodies and then complain when they finally get the shape they want.. I see them wasting extra money on clothes that they will wear maybe once and makeup that hides their real natural beauty to impress people they don’t know. Girls! this is not FEMINISM!!!

You smile. I smile.

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Yesterday, Mama and I wanted to go to the doctor but many taxi drivers just went past since they were being pretty selective. One of the drivers asked us where we were going and since the place is like 15 minutes he said Amen to that. One more detail : I wanted to punch him in the nose…Okay!! What else ? He took the longest way to ge there.
I whispered in mama’s ear :
–    How much does it usually cost you to get to the office ?
She said VERY LOUDLY :
–    20 dhs. sometimes even more.
OH MY GOD MOM!!! You ruined it all. I replied “Wakha, Let’s see!!”.
When he stopped, I was ready to throw all my morning freaking anger on him. Here we go!! “Allah ichafik al Haja, may Allah heal you” he said gently and then Subhanallaah all my anger went away “Ameen, thank you”. This was my response.
After all he brought a smile on mama’s face.

Mama, You are not allowed to get sick!

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i love you mom 2
Everything was going so well a few weeks ago. Now, mom is pale, weak, cannot cook or even have a good mood. I know how she feels. She lacks the strength to do everything that she used to do. And I know how my father feels, He gets mad and wants things to change : He wants his spouse back. But I don’t know how I feel. I am as weak as my mother is, and mad because I want her back. 
Mama is everything colourful, She is the well-oiled machine that keep our family running. I know she would love to take care of everything but this time she can’t. This time, it is up to me to be the little mama in the house. and it’s completely stressful. I’m being stuck with all the housekeeping weight on my shoulders. I cook, but I am not sure my father is ok with my homemade meals. I comfort mom but I am not sure she’s doing better. The things is : I doubt everything when mama is sick.
She is not talkative, or may be she is the kind of mothers who don’t want to annoy the family with her daily struggles. Mama!!! I can feel pain hidden in your eyes, and it is more painful not to share it with me. Mama!! Do I need to remind you who I am ? I am your beloved daughter.
Mothers, if you are reading this, let me tell you : The worst thing that can happen to a family stricken by sickness is to see their loved ones take their distance. Whether by fear of being out of place or to avoid being overly needed. Please know that your children, your spouse and even your other siblings are there for you, to offer help! Don’t hesitate to talk to them, and share  your struggles with them.
Mothers, I hope that one day, your daughters; including me; can be a reflection of you all. Even if we are half the mothers you are, we will consider ourselves blessed.

I don’t have an AWARD! But you guys can help me get it!!!!

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Salam Everyone!
Have a very special request to make of all of you. Although it does not relate to reading my posts or liking them, it relates to my own beloved blog. Writing has always been a passion. As a child, I used to write short stories. However, I sort of lost touch with the literary world during my educational years. But today, I am one of MAROC WEB AWARDS nominees.
I am writing to all of you because I need your support to win. When you vote for me, you increase my chances of winning the award.
If you are someone who feels as strongly as I do about writing thoughts, daily struggles, if you think that you enjoy reading my tips and stories, please spread the word about my nomination. Thank you in advance for the support dears readers.
You can vote for my candidacy everyday, until January 17th at:


Parents, don’t set bad examples for your children!

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Here is a random example of “bad parenting” at its worst: Letting your kids believe in Santa Clause, and right after that, asking ” How to Deal With the “Is Santa Clause Real” Question “!!!! I am sorry, but What ??
You lie to your kids about an illusion, only to set them up for inevitable heartbreak. I say you are setting bad examples for them. REALLY!
Now, I don’t know what other bad examples in life children get from parents but what I am sure about is that PARENTS are to blame for their children’s behaviors.
Cause you are your children’s first teachers. They are watching you permanently and when your words say one thing, but your actions say something else, they start drawing wrong conclusions.